Bitcoin mixer: description and principle of operation

In the world of cryptocurrencies, transactions are processed through a decentralized network. And this mechanism has its pros and cons. Although it provides freedom and autonomy, transactions in it can be easily tracked and potentially used to identify parties to a transaction.

How to make cryptocurrency transactions anonymous?

Reliable network anonymity in modern realities may be needed by different categories of users. The required security level depends on the specific usage scenario. That is why for all these processes, the analysis of data in anonymous networks is an important task in order to achieve both a high level of anonymity and user identification.

Cryptocurrency is often referred to as “anonymous” and it is often heard that it is impossible to track who is making transactions. Among other things, this has led many criminals to use cryptocurrency for money laundering or other crimes. However, whether a cryptocurrency is anonymous depends on many factors.

What is a Bitcoin mixer?

Our modern Internet and communications system are relatively new areas of human activity that are rapidly developing. There is a paucity of research on actual online behavior, although this topic attracts the attention of researchers from many disciplines and interdisciplinary fields. It is important to study the private nature of Internet communication as computer-mediated. The anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions remains highly controversial. Therefore, a special service has been developed to “obfuscate the traces” of transactions – bitcoin mixer, the main features of which are the following:

  • moves them multiple times between different addresses;
  • sends the transaction in parts to the final wallet specified by the user;
  • guarantee the privacy of users without keeping any logs. However, this option is more technically difficult to use, so it may not be suitable for beginners.

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